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Natural contraception through breastfeeding

If you have already given birth, congratulations, you now know just how amazing your body can be! Apart from your body knowing automatically what it needs to do from the moment you conceive to childbirth, your body also knows when it’s too soon to give you another baby! 

*dah ready ke nak dapat baby, selepas habis berpantang?
kalau tak nak, SILA SUSUKAN BAYI ANDA!!!!*

Natural contraception through breastfeeding (© Getty)  
The technical term for breastfeeding as a natural contraception method, lactational amenorrhea method, or LAM, sounds unnecessarily complicated. What it really means is up to six months after giving birth, you are 98% protected against another pregnancy.
However, it only works if you remain actively and exclusively breastfeeding during this period and you haven't started menstruating again.

*menakjubkan, menyusukan anak boleh dijadikan sebagai penghalang untuk mengandung lagi hampir 98%*

Natural contraception through breastfeeding (© Getty)  
Exclusively breastfeeding means you are not supplementing your baby's needs with formula or water, and you should not go more than four hours without feeding. Also to have an idea, you should have at least six long feeds every 24 hours.
If you experience spotting or vaginal bleeding, it's time to get on the artificial contraception bandwagon again and use condoms or go back on the pill!

Natural contraception through breastfeeding (© Getty)  
Of course it's harder for mums who have to go back to work after their three months of maternity leave is up, as that disrupts your feeding times.
If you find yourself out of the restrictions proposed by LAM, then contraception by LAM is no longer an option for you. It is still not a reason why you should stop breastfeeding though, as breastfeeding still supplies your baby all the nutrients she needs to be your healthy, bouncing baby.

* I am a working mother, 1 year + baby, but still breastfeeding till to date without mix with formula milk *
Natural contraception through breastfeeding (© Getty)
Do know that contraceptive pills may decrease supply of breastmilk, so always consult your ob-gyn before taken any contraceptive measures into your own hands.

* Drink plain water more and more...*


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